Video Power

We’ve all seen seen YouTube videos.  After all, YouTube has 95% share of the market and 150,000 new videos are uploaded each day.  Just about any topic can be covered in a video: sales presentations, how-to’s, funny, serious, with and without music, high end graphics and photography.  And, they run the gamut of reasons they are produced and uploaded.  Think about how you, your sales team, your fund development department could benefit:  Beyond Words:  Art Therapy with Older Adults.

Here’s an example.  Successful fundraising needs a story, a tug at the heartstrings, a real life face that helps define how donations and volunteer services are going to improve the lives of others.  Imagine if you are raising funds for an Art Therapy program.  What would this video do for your campaign? Friendship Village Final Four

Here’s how to make your killer YouTube Video:

  1. Establish the goal of what you want the video to do for you or your organization.  Are you looking for awareness, do you want to educate, entertain or inform people?
  2. What is the personality type of your audience.  Will they prefer a “talking head,” a flashy video, humor, sad story?
  3. Outline what you want to convey in the video.  What is the story behind video, the reason people would want to watch it, what action do you want them to take?
  4. Write a script, if appropriate.  If not, plan your shots (here’s a favorite from Friendship Village of Schaumburg: <iframe title=”YouTube video player” width=”480″ height=”390″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>
  5. Incorporate something unique into your video (could be content, sound, action, etc.)
  6. Use a good video camera.  Some cameras are great for talking heads.  For action video, distance or just moving around with sound, you will need to rent or purchase a higher end camera.
  7. Speak clearly and look into the camera (if this is a talking head video) – you are talking to someone who is watching the video.
  8. During filming and if you have an opportunity to reshoot a bad take, do so.
  9. In preparing your end video, think about the other sensory accessories that are going to make your video more compelling – graphics, photography, sound tracks, etc.
  10. Edit your footage in a movie making program.  The iMac has iMovie built in or you can use a Video Suite program.  Corel has a nice one.  There are some simple brands on the market or you can go more professional and get Pinnacle’s Studio Ultimate.  Edit out all the mistakes and please, do not exceed 5 minutes.  Two or three minutes is best.
  11. Upload to YouTube according to their instructions.
  12. Tell your friends, clients, prospects, the media that the video is posted and invite them to view it.