How To Create Your Online Newsroom

Sample online newsroom courtesy of Press-Feed.

Nearly 80% of people access an organization’s website before engaging further with a company.  The numbers are even higher for media journalists and producers.

In a Norman/Nielson Study, over 99% of journalists and producers search your website first, before calling you, asking for quotes to include in their aritcles or publishing your press releases.  Not only are journalists seriously time crunched, they have been very direct and specific about the way they want to be able to gain initial access and information about your organizaiton — through your website, according to Sally Falkow, president of Press-Feed.

From your home or landing page,media and other people wanting to know about your organization, its leadership, mission, position, etc. should be able to access your online newsroom.  Press-Feed has designed a news room that looks and feels like your website but allows the media,customers and prospects to access the background, facts, news and philosophical informaiton about our organization from a single page.

Your news room should have these individual sections accessible from the news page in an easily readable format:

Media Contact Information with the name, all phone numbers and email addresss with the best times to readh the contact, if needed.

Current Articles prominently displayed with complete facts in bullet points:

  • Quotes from outside the organization pertaining to the article subject (including contact information so comments can be verified)
  • Photos pertaining to the aritcle subject
  • Video (if possible and appropriate) pertai8ning to the aritcle subject


A full background of your organization in bullet points:

  • Date established
  • Address of the main headquarters and business extensions
  • Comapny affiliations
  • Governing structure
  • Organizational management (at least names, photos and contact information for the Executive Committee)
  • Board of Directors (names, company names, email addresses)


Photos that define your services and graphics that can be downloaded, such as your logo


Who You Serve

  • By industry
  • By geography
  • By demographics
  • Any other relevant identifier


A list of your articles and White Papers

  • Possible video of the CEO talking about the industry and hos his-her organization is making a difference