Remarkable Content

Don’t think you’re a remarkable writer?  Then write about something remarkable.

Remarkable content is within your grasp every day.  What made you smile today?  What made you angry, or sad or surprised you?  Dozens of simple, possibly significant triggers come into your life daily.  Capture them, break them down into their basic parts.  Think about why you reacted as you did and what greater impact that revelation could have on people with the same interests and you — especially those interested in your online content or blog.

It’s really very simple.  Let’s say you see a field of daffodils.  You find them beautiful and it pleases your sensory receptors.  Ask yourself: why?  Do you like the color of the yellows and whites against the rich green leaves with the blue sky backdrop?  Although being in that field of daffodils might be a “you gotta be there moment” what the colors mean to you and others could be an intriguing topic.  Throw in a few serious facts about color, such as studies that support the claim that yellow sparks creativity, green generally means freedom and the blue from the sky is calming.  Invite others to think about color, what it means to them, how they use it, what the “universal” opinion of certain colors may be.  Take a photo or video of the daffodil field to accompany your commentary.  You just wrote a 400 word article that is interesting to read, relevant to your audience, about something… remarkable.

This very easy process can be applied to anything in your life whether it is work-related or personal.  Every day you face new challenges.  You have new ideas.  Again, just think about them in a wider context to test the topic’s ability to be developed into something interesting for many readers.

All writers suffer from ‘writer’s block’ from time to time.  They don’t know where to start and nothing is intriguing them.  That’s when you get out the Guinness Book of World Records or Google something very strange and interesting.  It will spark your creative juices and your fingers will be dancing over that keyboard in no time.

Another writer’s tip is to start in the middle rather than the beginning of your story.  The opening to your narrative will show itself when you have written the body of your copy.  In fact, since many people write two or three paragraphs before they even get to the true lead of their topic, starting in the middle can work out just fine.

The moral of this story is that your don’t have to be a remarkable writer, you just need something remarkable to write about.