Free Internet Listings Revealed

There are dozens of places to list your business on the Internet and some of them are even free.  So, since the Internet is now the dominant place people go to find just about everything, via their computers or smart phones, it’s time to make sure your business is discoverable.  Here’s where to look and what to expect.

With a Google search, you can find several free listings options.  Most of them are basic listings and do not have a logo option.  However, your listing would consist of your organization’s name, address, phone number and website.  Many have no or limited ability to give a description of your organization.  Occasionally, as with, you can also add your 400-character commercial about your company and choose the meta tags and landing page options that best suit your company.

Make sure you get your business listed on the three primary search engines:  Google, Yahoo and Bing.  You can also put your business name and a brief pitch with:  SuperPages, Yellow Pages,,, and

Eight popular places to add your business’s name are:  YellowBot, YELP, White Pages, MapQuest, SuperPages, CitySearch, YellowBook and

If you don’t mind a small investment in your Internet listing, you can sign up with a central listing management site. costs under $100 and they will make sure your listing appears on the eight sites listed above.  It’s a great place to manage these powerhouse business listing sites.  The beauty of Yext is that if you want to add an offer to your listing for a period of time, you can update it on all eight sites at once.  Then, if you want to have your add stand out, you can select just one or all websites to have a more prominent listing.  The fee is annual and gives you a nice presence on the sites you select.  Currently none of them exceed $90 per year.

For companies who are used to the high cost of yellow-page advertising, this is a welcome change.  Do you have other websites that you recommend for business listings?