With the past few weeks of nicer weather after an extreme Chicago winter, all eyes are on spring and the sunshine ahead! Flowers are blooming, city dwellers are emerging and dogs are walking. However, there is one more important aspect of spring and that is to take a step back and evaluate your marketing efforts. With Q1 behind us, this is a good time to review where the company has gone and how this aligns with your strategic business goals.

As the main rule states, the customer is always #1, so first consider your engagement – have you utilized all consumer touchpoints (collateral, social media, website)? Why do your customers engage or buy from you? Are they repeat customers?

Is your website still producing leads and is your viewership consistent? If not, immediately make changes. Then, google your company and see what others are saying about you. Review Yelp or other review sites and respond to comments (both negative and positive).  Update your email distribution list.

Ensure your brand message is strong. This can be as simple as employee or friends/family feedback or as involved as focus groups or revitalizing advertising campaigns. Confirm that your content for marketing is relevant and intriguing. Since content is key to driving inbound traffic and leads, deliver a consistent message.

Review online profiles. Are they utilized to the fullest extent? Is the brand messaging you’ve just reiterated strong? Update the information as needed. Include as many links to your site as possible. Find a way to utilize these customer testimonials. Let others do your bragging!

If you haven’t yet, establish measurable goals. Good luck with your spring cleaning!