A Power Website That Tells Your Story

A recent survey of senior housing managers and executives revealed that they don’t feel they have sufficiently robust marketing strategies to attract potential residents and their families. While they are employing various online marketing tools to varying degrees, they are not confident they’re using the right mix of these tools to create a successful campaign.

Before we examine the contents of the toolbox, senior housing professionals must first recognize that their industry is remarkably unique. What they’re offering is immeasurably precious: quality of life for people who, by and large, have spent their lives making quality living a priority for themselves and others, namely their children.

Both seniors and their families know that the decision to move to a retirement community, regardless of one’s health care needs, is among the most significant they’ll ever make. And, quite frankly, they’re a little scared. Senior housing marketing strategies must be anchored in an overarching, all-infusive understanding of exactly what’s at stake in the choice to move from one’s own home.

Of all the components of an effective integrated campaign, a cutting edge website is the ultimate “power tool.” We hear that a lot these days of the ubiquitous Internet, but what does that look like in the senior housing arena? The basics are pretty much the same as they are in any industry – compelling graphics created by qualified designers and succinct, relevant copy provided by experienced writers. Add to that ease of navigation, intuitive and user-friendly organization, and as few clicks as possible to get the information visitors want.

What isn’t the same about senior living websites is what they’re selling, which brings us back to the priceless quality of life. Your website should show who you are from the perspective of residents, family members, staff, and surrounding community. All the enticing graphics and words in the world won’t mean a thing if they’re not rooted in true stories about real people and real life at your community. What prospects experience on your website must be a genuine prototype of what they’ll experience when they visit you in person, or they will move on, and quickly.

Lay your marketing foundation with a power website that not only looks good, but feels right to prospects envisioning themselves or their loved ones in your community. Let our team get you on your way.

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