Last month, we examined a cutting edge website, the “power tool” of a truly robust, multi-faceted marketing campaign in the senior housing arena. We also stressed that the senior housing market is singularly unique in that it offers quality of life, an intangible, priceless “commodity” that must be genuine, caring, and careful to a fault.

With that in mind, let’s look at another vital tool in the toolbox—in-depth phone call tracking. As effective as call tracking technology has proven to be across multiple industries, it is the most under-utilized resource among senior housing executives. This seems paradoxical, given that the senior population is likely to engage by telephone.

By assigning unique phone numbers to each of your communications, both print and digital, your marketing experts can tell which have garnered the most inquiries and are, thus, the most impactful. Over time, you will know what moves your prospects, allowing you to fine-tune your campaigns accordingly and improve your return on investment.

Ideally, your call tracking system should include:

  1. A unique phone number on traditional ads (TV, radio and direct mail), providing you with a record of calls resulting directly from a particular ad or campaign and allowing you to follow up with leads knowing exactly what content inspired their call.
  2. Source identification for inbound calls, revealing which ads, promotions, key words, etc. are driving phone conversations. This intelligence also enables you to size up the strength of a prospect, direct promising leads to appropriate team members, and adjust messaging.
  3. Web page analytics for a comprehensive understanding of which pages on your website drive the most calls.
  4. The ability to listen to inbound calls, allowing you first-hand knowledge of prospects’ needs, interests and concerns as well as insight into the quality of your customer service.
  5. A higher value on inbound calls. Paramount to improving your campaign results is the inclusion of phone numbers in prominent locations in both conventional and digital advertising. Studies show that conspicuous placement yields a 30% increase in inbound calls!

Lay your marketing foundation with dynamic, in-depth phone tracking that informs you of precisely who is responding to your specific communications and how best to reach your prospects, based on this valuable insight. Let our team get you on your way.

Join us next month for more about the tools to build your best campaign.

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