“Granularity” is a hot word in content marketing today. We all know what it means, right? (ahem, cough, cough). As salty and sandy as it may sound, granularity is simply breaking down larger, more general topics into narrower, more focused content. It’s zooming in on your individual target audience members…a little like Google Earth, where you start from way up and get closer and closer, until you can see the roof of your house. Nice analogy, but won’t that make my content less relevant to more people, you ask? The answer is yes. However (and this is a big “however”), granularity will significantly increase the value of each potential lead.

Say, for very silly example, someone downloads your white paper about the benefit to senior citizens of treading water in a pool while wrapping gifts in seaweed – Ecklonia Cava seaweed, to be exact. You can be fairly certain you’ve got a lead there, one who’s not merely browsing a few non-descript senior health tips. (Your community may also want to offer classes in aquatic seaweed gift wrapping!)

Granularity increases relevance; relevance increases engagement; and engagement increases conversion, according to marketing experts at Velocity Partners, Inc. With granular content, you’re not just targeting someone, you’re hitting them square on the nose, so to speak, where they’re much more likely to be moved by your content and act upon it.

Think of it like going to a party and telling guests you’re from Wisconsin. Someone says, “I’m from Wisconsin, too.” You’d probably ask where in Wisconsin they’re from. If they’re from Racine, as you are, the exchange becomes more personal. If you tell them you worked at the K-Mart on Green Bay Road, and they say that so did they, and later you find out they also know your sister, well, you may just have yourself a lunch date. That’s how granularity works. Engagement.

In addition to razor-sharp relevance, granularity provides infinitely fertile ground for content marketing developers. While content shock (the theory that online content has reached the saturation point) warns that “less is more,” that concern applies to general, top-of-the-funnel content. When content is broken down into more and more refined facets, each facet begets another, and so on. It’s impossible to saturate the market when you consider the endless possibilities of content within content.

Creating quality granular content can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it’s harder to produce, as it requires marketing strategies that allow keen insight into your audience as well as up-to-the-minute knowledge of news and changes in your industry. On the other hand, because it’s more difficult to produce, fewer are doing it, thus giving you a considerable advantage. The right marketing team can help you produce granular content that is not only well done, but very well received.

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