Writing good copy is darn hard. For content marketers, the onus of producing quality material is particularly heavy, because it needs to be so much at once: compelling, targeted, moving, convincing, relevant, genuine, clear, concise, even clever and entertaining, depending on the topic.

If all those criteria aren’t daunting enough, content marketers must also be watchful, mindful and
careful – all the time. Launch a self-interested pitch, and consumers will smell it. Go light on your research, and you jeopardize credibility and relevance. Underwhelm with the bland, overwhelm with the bombastic, and your audience will be equally unimpressed.

Content marketers should think of creating material like using a level: only the most sensitive touch makes it just right. Because quality content marketing punctuates copy with plenty of examples, let’s explore good writing in the same way.

    The Bad and Ugly: Mary’s mother liked her new community. Mary’s mother could not believe it’s affect on she and her family.
    No matter how compelling your subject, readers don’t have the time or patience to muddle through copy riddled with errors in grammar, spelling and syntax or lacking in brevity and clarity.
    The Good: Mary’s mother couldn’t be happier and more comfortable in her new senior community. She was both surprised and invigorated by its positive effect on her and her family.
    The Bad and Ugly
    : Studies show that planned activities reduce stress among senior citizens.
    This sentence is fine, as long as it’s followed by quantifiable and qualifiable data, but many marketers leave it at that: vague and unsubstantiated.
    The Good: A 2016 survey of 1,000 senior citizens across the U.S. and conducted by the National Alliance for Octogenarians revealed that activities such as water aerobics, arts and crafts, and off-site outings lowered blood pressure by 68% in people aged 75 and older.
    (Note: this is not a real study or organization.)
    The Bad and Ugly:
    Our new senior community will completely change your parent’s life – you must come visit us today to believe it!
    Your community may, in fact, be a life-changer for your residents, but such overreaching claims will immediately cast doubt on your trustworthiness and genuine concern for your prospects.
    The Good: We have taken great care to discover and satisfy our residents’ every need and desire, and we are always eager to learn how we can make life at (community name) ever more fulfilling for your loved one. We invite you to contact us about a personal visit.
    The Bad and Ugly:
    We are a community leveraging team work for optimum results.
    Huh? Despite being non-descript and flat, this is the kind of copy produced by content marketers time and again. It speaks to no one and almost shouts that it doesn’t know its audience, or perhaps even itself.
    The Good: Choosing a senior living community is one of the most momentous decisions you and your family will ever make. (Community name) understands that and is dedicated to providing our residents peace in the assurance of skilled, caring staff, comfort in luxurious living spaces and world-class amenities, and freedom to make new friends and explore new activities every day of the week.
    The Bad and Ugly:
    In 2014, the aquatic center was built. In 2016, a game room was added, and at a meeting later that year, the Board of Trustees voted on plans to construct an outdoor terrace.
    Dry as dust.
    The Good: Each day, our new pool and spa is filled with residents eager to take the plunge into better health and fitness. Our “Dave and Busters”-worthy game room entertains visiting grandchildren and leaves them excited to come back. Residents and their families are thrilled about the exquisite rooftop garden and terrace coming next spring, just in time for the magnolia blossoms.
    Psychologists confirm that people are led by their emotional brains, and perhaps more than any other industry, content marketing must take advantage of that.

Your marketing experts can help you find that “just right” touch, bearing in mind all the variables that make your copy not just good, but great.

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