What Has Changed?
In the age of coronavirus, what hasn’t changed? The senior living industry has been hit particularly hard by COVID-19. Re-evaluating and adjusting your annual marketing spend to the changes brought about by the pandemic is necessary, and ultimately fruitful.

Live and Online
COVID-19 has imposed tremendous limitations on your ability to showcase your community in person and host such events as onsite tours, luncheons, educational seminars, and all manner of face-to-face occasions. As a result, technology has taken center stage, allowing for live, online events, virtual tours, webinars, and more. Investment in the technology and production expertise required to facilitate successful remote experiences should account for a considerable portion of your budget for 2021, and very likely beyond.

PR is Paramount
Whoever said PR is dead hasn’t seen 2020. The press has had a feeding frenzy over stories of illness and death in senior communities due to the virus. The resultant negative narrative has damaged reputation and overshadowed the creativity, ingenuity and heroism that have made life in many senior communities not just tolerable, but enjoyable and fulfilling. Your good news is not only worth sharing, it’s your lifeline to recovery, and PR should occupy a greater portion of your marketing budget than ever before.

How much? PR should ideally account for 50 percent of your marketing budget, including webinars/podcasts (15%), online events (10%), blogs/reviews/feature stories (15%), online videos (5%), and Search Engine Optimization (5%). The other half should be devoted to direct consumer outreach (40%) and online and print advertising (10%).

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