Content Rules!

Content Rules!

So what should be in your blog or online magazine?

Content may rule but are you ever caught without a thought in your head to make your keyboard dance with colorful descriptions or exciting news, ideas or stories?  Everyone finds themselves in the place from time to time.  But if the secret to a successful blog or online magazine is great content, what are you suppose to do?

We like to follow the rule of thirds: one-third of the space can subtly reference how your product or service improves the lives of others  The next third of your content should be good information that others may benefit from and has nothing to do with what you sell.  Finally, your last third should consist of accessories such as YouTube videos, photos, artwork or other visually appealing items to add excitement and to entertain your audience.

There is wiggle room in this rule of thirds, however, and it largely depends upon the goals of your blog or online magazine.  Consider these factors:

Who is the target visitor?


If prospects are your target audience, you want to prove you or company as an expert in the area of your product or service offering.  In this case, write about subjects that will interest prospects but that do not necessarily benefit you, or even refer to you or your company.  In your second third, show this audience how you can make a person or business healthier, wealthier or better  than your competition.  Do this with stories or testimonials from users of your product or service.  Make the rest of your publication fun and interesting with great visual accessories.  This target requires a fairly strict adherence to the rule of thirds.

Existing Customers or Residents

If the goal is to have a lively discussion and involvement from existing customers or residents, make your blog or online magazine more about them:  their achievements, activities, photos, etc.  Since you no longer have to prove you’re better than the next, you can reduce (not eliminate) the subjects that have a wider appeal.  In fact, it’s really about them now.  Include news that builds awareness about under-utilized services or products available to customers or residents.  Keep your final third fun.

Donors and Vendors

Weight your content towards the subjects that demonstrate how the contributions of the donors and vendors improve lives of others.  Seriously minimize information about your organization and keep your focus on the recipients of the services.  Fun may not have a place here but visual stories in the form of photos and videos most certainly do.

Keep It Fresh

Create new posts for your blog or online magazine at a minimum rate of twice per week.  Not only will this improve your search engine optimization, it will keep your visitors coming back for more.