Paid Digital Ads Done Right

Paid Digital Ads Done Right

We’ve explored the power of a cutting edge website and dynamic call tracking in building an effective, successful marketing campaign in the senior housing arena. A third tool in the toolbox is paid digital ads. Ugh, right? What could be more annoying than those pop-ups and flashing banners that interrupt our web searches and derail our concentration? In fact, 64% of internet users actively avoid online ads by enabling ad block extensions.

So why invest in digital ads? Because, when executed the right way, they can be immensely useful in increasing awareness of, traffic to, and desire for your community. Pushing ads onto people who have no known interest in or need for your senior living environment is not only irritating and intrusive to them, it’s ineffectual and a waste of your resources.

But through what’s known as inbound marketing—drawing prospects in instead of going out to get their attention—an experienced marketing team can help you leverage helpful, relevant content to engage potential leads in your campaign. Based on information gleaned from various feedback channels, you can also target your digital ads in ways that are truly valuable to would-be residents and their families.

Here’s what your marketing team can help you do:

  • Offer your prospects something meaningful. “Native advertising” is inherently non-disruptive and designed to build trust among consumers. This kind of advertising is by nature ideal for senior housing marketing in that it provides more profound, helpful information than traditional, purchase-oriented display ads. The ground is significantly more fertile for those trying to convey the value of vitality, social connection and security in later life than for those promoting a particular brand of tissue paper, for example.
  • Take advantage of the social media explosion. While seniors may not be flocking to join the various social media platforms that dominate the current online landscape, their children increasingly are, and their grandchildren can’t get enough. Sponsored native ads match the form and function of the platform on which they appear (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), feel and look less like traditional ads, are not disruptive, provide useful content, and can be highly targeted.
  • Know thy prospects, target thy prospects. Through various feedback and tracking technologies (including the dynamic call tracking we discussed last month), your marketing team can help you add value to your potential leads by knowing who they are and what moves them. Instead of blindly blitzing everyone, you can tailor your messages to those who are most likely to find them interesting and intelligently anticipate their needs. In the case of social media, your digital ads can also be aimed at people who follow certain users or post about certain topics.

Research shows that in the senior housing arena, greater use of digital ads executed properly could be a valuable asset to your campaigns. An experienced marketing team can show you how effective, non-intrusive digital advertising can yield fruitful audience engagement.

Join us next month for more about the tools to build your best campaign.

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