10 Truths for Content Marketing in 2019

10 Truths for Content Marketing in 2019

  1. Content Marketing IS Marketing
    Of all the developments on the horizon for content marketing in 2019, it is perhaps a shift in paradigm that is most significant. Simply put, content marketing is marketing. Whereas 10 years ago, content was a good thing for marketers to have as an aside to traditional strategies, it is now synonymous with marketing as a whole. Without quality content, marketers cannot establish the two-way communication that is essential to today’s successful consumer relationships.
  2. Video Is Vital
    Video has enormous capacity to capture and keep consumers’ attention. Marketers of the future cannot survive without it. In particular, YouTube (where all marketing videos should land first) has become the second largest search engine, with Google in the first place position.Consider these recent statistics:


Clearly, the production and distribution of video content is vital to a viable content marketing campaign. Even if your content is generated by a smart phone, any “action!” is better than none. You can become more sophisticated when time and funds allow, but get rolling now!

  1. Personalization Is Paramount
    According to Psychology Todayfeeling understood is even more important than feeling loved. Knowing who your audience is and what makes them tick is the heart and soul of successful marketing. Marketers who employ highly targeted content are far more likely to create lasting relationships with their customers and prospects than those who are taking stabs in the dark. A 2017 study showed that 79% of companies that exceeded their revenue goals had a personalized digital media strategy in place.No matter how things change in the digital marketing realm, the guiding principle is sure to stay the same: reach the right audience with the right message at the right time in the right way. Personalized content does that best, and not only do consumers welcome targeted messages, they expect it.
  2. Artificial Intelligence Fosters Real Relationships
    While it may seem counter-intuitive that a machine could help form real bonds, nothing could be truer when it comes to marketing with artificial intelligence. Not only does AI (robots, chatbots, algorithms and, eventually, the Internet of Things) shoulder a lot of the “grunt work” traditional marketers had to do, freeing them up to focus on consumer relationships, it also facilitates a more personal, “human” customer experience.Among other capabilities, AI-based marketing can:

    • Customize one-to-one with consumers’ demographics, timing and intent
    • Offer audiences personalized website and social media experiences
    • Enable natural language processing (voice search)
    • Gather and catalog large quantities of data to create accurate customer profiles
    • Identify valuable leads
    • Personalize up-sells and cross-sells
    • Serve relevant messages to prospective customers
    • Generate personalized emails based on customer preferences
    • Judge and respond to human emotions in real time through affective computing technology
  1. Data Is Compulsory
    Analytics will play an even greater role in 2019, as increasingly sophisticated tracking reveals pinpointed consumer insights that marketing budgeters have come to demand. Knowing exactly who is engaging with what content, for how long, on which platform or pages, and when, is invaluable information that businesses now require in determining their marketing ROI. Marketers of the future must be able to supply this information on a regular basis, not only to produce the highly personalized content discussed above but to satisfy client expectations.
  2. Strategy Is Key
    As marketers come to embrace the reality that content marketing is marketing itself, they must also define goals specific to their content. This calls for a guiding, documented strategy. Sixty-five percent of the most successful content marketers have a documented strategy, identifying goals such as lead generation, thought leadership, and SEO. But, as different companies have different goals, no one content strategy fits all. Once unique goals are identified, a documented plan keeps content on task, on track, and intentional about achieving objectives. A documented strategy also allows team members to see what content is and is not working. “Documented strategy is self-correcting,” says content strategist Michael Brenner.
  3. Customer Journey Leads the Way
    Have you ever engaged with a brand to the point of purchase, only to feel abandoned after your wallet entered the picture? That’s a common experience among consumers and one that content marketers must eliminate. The traditional marketing funnel that starts with anyone and everyone and ends with a monetary transaction is moving toward a more fluid, sustainable model. This new version emphasizes customer success throughout the buyer journey, regardless of purchase. It’s about relationships; appropriate content allows marketers to transition from vendors to partners, earning lasting consumer trust and loyalty.
  4. Topic Clusters Boost SEO and Consumer Trust
    As much is known about search engine optimization, there is still so much to learn and understand. (Read our two-part primer on SEO.) But one trend is emerging that deserves particular attention: topic clusters. For brands to position themselves as trusted, respected thought leaders, they need to build content around certain core topics. Deliberate information architecture clearly and methodically demonstrates that owned content is authoritative and attention-worthy – gaining valuable notice from both search engines and consumers.Topic clusters center upon pillar, or hub, content to which more granular sub-topics are connected via hyperlinks. As for SEO, when one cog in the wheel does well, the entire cluster gets a boost in the rankings.

    Source: hubspot.com

  5. Distribution Drives Success
    What good is great content if no one sees it? Distribution is as important as content itself. As long as there are multiple channels of dissemination, casting a wide net continues to be good practice. While social media has gotten the lion’s share of powerful reach, marketers need to remain proactive, open and enthusiastic to all forms of distribution. Perhaps your content could benefit from email marketing, special events, speaking engagements, print, TV or radio ads, or even direct mail (yes, it’s still worth the cost and effort). As author and marketing expert John Hall puts it, “Passive distribution – or worse, distribution you do as an afterthought once you realize no one is engaging with your content – won’t cut it.”
  6. Quality Content Is King
    “Content Is King” is well on its way to becoming a cliché. But just because a glut of content is out there doesn’t mean it’s all good. In fact, much of it is not good at all. No matter how far technology takes us, there is still no substitute for quality content creation and sensitive application to products, services and niche expertise. Just as poor, irrelevant content will drive a wedge between B2B and B2C possibilities, truly meaningful, engaging content that speaks to audiences where they are – or where they want to be – will build bridges that lead to lasting consumer relationships.


Our team of experts is here to help you navigate the future of content marketing – today.


Video Power

Video Power

We’ve all seen seen YouTube videos.  After all, YouTube has 95% share of the market and 150,000 new videos are uploaded each day.  Just about any topic can be covered in a video: sales presentations, how-to’s, funny, serious, with and without music, high end graphics and photography.  And, they run the gamut of reasons they are produced and uploaded.  Think about how you, your sales team, your fund development department could benefit:  Beyond Words:  Art Therapy with Older Adults.

Here’s an example.  Successful fundraising needs a story, a tug at the heartstrings, a real life face that helps define how donations and volunteer services are going to improve the lives of others.  Imagine if you are raising funds for an Art Therapy program.  What would this video do for your campaign? Friendship Village Final Four

Here’s how to make your killer YouTube Video:

  1. Establish the goal of what you want the video to do for you or your organization.  Are you looking for awareness, do you want to educate, entertain or inform people?
  2. What is the personality type of your audience.  Will they prefer a “talking head,” a flashy video, humor, sad story?
  3. Outline what you want to convey in the video.  What is the story behind video, the reason people would want to watch it, what action do you want them to take?
  4. Write a script, if appropriate.  If not, plan your shots (here’s a favorite from Friendship Village of Schaumburg: <iframe title=”YouTube video player” width=”480″ height=”390″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/lokLi1I1fDY” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>
  5. Incorporate something unique into your video (could be content, sound, action, etc.)
  6. Use a good video camera.  Some cameras are great for talking heads.  For action video, distance or just moving around with sound, you will need to rent or purchase a higher end camera.
  7. Speak clearly and look into the camera (if this is a talking head video) – you are talking to someone who is watching the video.
  8. During filming and if you have an opportunity to reshoot a bad take, do so.
  9. In preparing your end video, think about the other sensory accessories that are going to make your video more compelling – graphics, photography, sound tracks, etc.
  10. Edit your footage in a movie making program.  The iMac has iMovie built in or you can use a Video Suite program.  Corel has a nice one.  There are some simple brands on the market or you can go more professional and get Pinnacle’s Studio Ultimate.  Edit out all the mistakes and please, do not exceed 5 minutes.  Two or three minutes is best.
  11. Upload to YouTube according to their instructions.
  12. Tell your friends, clients, prospects, the media that the video is posted and invite them to view it.