Market Study
Opportunities discovered through research of government and economic development support the comprehensive market study you need to steer your project from its inception. Findings are based on field and statistical examination of existing market needs, cultures and competitors. Guided by these results, IVY will build a comprehensive marketing plan for your project.

Integrated Marketing Solutions
When you want to know every available tactic to drive your business, you want integrated marketing solutions. Who’s the customer and where do we find them? What’s the competition? What is unique to your organization? We’ll do the research, explore all the options and create a road map with the best strategies and tactics for your company.

Content Marketing
Content is marketing’s king but it is also the most difficult to create and manage. IVY rocks at creating, managing and promoting your custom content.  Ad copy, news and feature stories, blogs, newsletters, website content, direct mail, videos, social media, and the many things you want to say about your organization need a compelling voice. We research it, write and design it, clarify it, then track to show how your magnetic content is being seen and heard.

IVY Marketing Group’s creative work is dynamic, versatile and strategic whether we’re working with a team, defining branding and advertising campaigns, or creating award-winning websites and sales programs. With a myriad of successful events under our belt, we are your best choice for a marketing partner to establish your community.

  • Name, logo and brand creation
  • Outdoor and trailer signage
  • Website development
  • Marketing brochures and other collateral
  • Marketing plan
  • Direct mail
  • Publicity and media pitches
  • Online marketing tactics
  • Special event planning and coordination
  • Marketing consultation

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