A custom website is absolutely critical in today’s world of marketing. If your site is not captivating at the very first glance, it can mean the difference between a prospect and a lost opportunity. While the first impression is the most important, there is so much that goes into an outstanding website that isn’t seen, but has tremendous impact on your company’s success. In addition to creating compelling computer graphics and engaging content for your site, IVY leverages all the tools of the ever-expanding online marketing frontier – to your distinct advantage.

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All the stunning graphics and ease of navigation in the world won’t sustain a website without compelling content. IVY is truly unique in that we create content for our clients – not just curate it from other sources – based on their own individual stories, goals and distinct imprints on their industries. Our team goes deep…into personal interviews, event planning and attendance, face-to-face meetings and frequent conversations with clients, even friendships. We don’t stop at the beginning of their stories; we see them through until they’re fully told, or the next story emerges. And then we dive into that one.

IVY’s curiosity and quest for new horizons opens us to custom website design across all client industries. We are eager to take on your next project!

responsive design

Whatever your customer’s device, whether desktop, mobile phone, laptop or tablet, IVY’s web design accounts for all of their online environments, all of the time. Our design protocol responds to screen size, platform, orientation and other electronic factors to ensure that your audience’s experience with your website is tailored specifically, and ideally, to them – wherever they are.


Search engines rank web pages based on keywords, phrases and fresh content as well as other technically synergistic factors. The higher a search engine ranks your site, the more traffic it will receive. If SEO is a bit perplexing to you, no worries. With IVY’s web design expertise, original content development, and ability to structure your website optimally, all you have to do is watch your online prospects grow!



The power of blog cannot be underestimated. A company blog provides your customers, prospects and casual browsers with information that will benefit them in some meaningful way, whether or not they engage in a purchase. Blogs build trust in your brand in a way that other marketing communications cannot. They don’t push a sale; rather, they foster connections that stay with consumers emotionally. Your company is indelibly associated with those impressions. IVY can create a blog for your website that will move your audience in truly significant ways.

Pay-Per-Click and Remarketing Ads

Drive traffic with ads strategically placed to reach the perfect demographic, geographic and psychographic consumer. If prospects have already visited your website, IVY can help you remind them with remarketing ads, earning you a better conversion rate.


Email Marketing

Keep subscribers and prospects in the loop and interested in your content, offers, and latest news with email marketing. It’s easy, inexpensive and effective. Let IVY show you all the benefits!

Google Analytics

IVY can help you leverage Google Analytics to monitor successful campaigns and content. With this data, you will better understand your visitors’ demographics and how prospects interact with your website. You’ll also be able to make informed decisions about how to promote your products or services.

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It’s addicting!  The fast-paced, ever changing world of public relations and marketing captures your interest and keeps you charged up to learn more everyday.  I love to find the best ways to tell our client’s stories and man, they have awesome stories!

It’s my job to discover our client’s goals and then match the best processes to achieve them, within their budgets, of course.  I get to explore traditional, digital and every manner of communication to determine which tactics, whether it is direct mail or TV advertising, a new website or PPC (to name just a few) will efficiently and effectively capture the attention of prospects. 

I also get to work with great people at IVY – they’re creative, fun, caring and super smart.  We’ve all been around the industry a while so there is not a novice among us.  Our clients are very cool too and totally passionate about the services they offer.  We’ve been working with most of them for years so we know they truly care about being innovative and responsible to the markets they service.  I have great admiration for all of them and look forward to every day. 

It’s true what “they” say, if you love what you do, you won’t work a day of your life!


IVY was established in 1990 with a basic premise to offer professional, ethical and highly creative marketing, advertising and public relations services. We have successfully maintained our core values and have been part of many amazing projects, client growth and changes in the world of marketing that continue to happen at lightening speed. Most of our clients serve older adults in some capacity so we keep abreast of the opportunities and challenges they face.   Each day, we keep it real and fun and consistently deliver positive results to our clients and their markets.


Passion for design keeps me on the lookout for new and exciting avenues for innovative digital and print visual communications. At IVY Marketing Group the diverse range of projects keeps my job challenging and rewarding. Each campaign is an exciting opportunity to effectively communicate our clients’ message. It’s what I love.


I began working with IVY Marketing Group in June of 2013. I was hired as a writer, telling the stories of residents and staff members at the various senior living communities we serve.  It was inspiring to hear how fulfilling – and freeing – life had become for these seniors since moving from the limitations of their own homes to the quality independent and/or assisted living communities of today.

In 2016, I had an opportunity to see another side of the IVY organization when I was asked to fill in for a co-worker on maternity leave. During that time, I handled media distribution and social media, a process I found interesting and horizon-expanding. I was also given the opportunity to serve as an account manager, bringing me face-to-face with client needs and expectations.

As a frequent blogger for Ivy as well as some of our clients, I am excited to stay ahead of emerging trends and strategies so that we can offer our clients the most successful content marketing solutions for their communities.

Most fulfilling for me is working with my fellow Ivy team members. It is both inspiring and refreshing to witness their enthusiasm for their craft and unfaltering commitment to our clients and company goals.


It all starts with one idea. Working with the Ivy creative team for over two decades has always meant taking one great idea and bringing it to life to help our clients meet their goals. We enjoy the challenges offered with every creative opportunity and try to make the design process itself enjoyable for our clients.


Making certain that the projects IVY produces are word- and picture-perfect is my specialty. But I also love implementing marketing campaigns and programs that bring our clients success. Details are my thing, so it is a pleasure to have worked with IVY twice now, first after college four years ago and, recently, for the past two years.

The IVY Group is a terrific team of creative, positive and talented professionals that I love working with and, judging from the length of stay of our clients, I think they love our team, too!


Rock-climbing, training for an 80-floor stair climb event, running a 5K…This is just a tiny peek into what people 20 and even 30 years older than I am, are doing on a fairly regular basis at some of the retirement communities that IVY represents.

I’m of the generation that still has reoccurring nightmares about what the next step looked like when my grandmother could no longer live by herself. The very best option at that time was living at a “facility” and  included eating rubbery chicken and playing an occasional game of BINGO. Period. That’s why my parent’s generation begged us not to ever put them into “one of those places.”

I am so proud that IVY’s clients are at the very forefront of an industry that creates opportunities, challenges, and most of all freedom for seniors, allowing them to explore hobbies, interests, passions…the next chapter of their very full lives.

I feel reassured for my own future. Even more, I feel honored to be able to share the impactful stories about this paradigm shift in the world of senior housing. What we hear and see at our clients’ communities is fascinating and inspiring!


I am eager to bring fresh concepts and communication strategies to our retirement community clients.  Keeping up to date on new public relations strategies, online engagement, and advertising tools is my passion.

Our clients have such exciting and unique events and programs; it really makes it motivating for me to make the most of their content.  I am proud of our national press placements, secured television spots and local media relations. 

Results like increasing website visits, social media connections, and national press placements make everyday rewarding and interesting.


I oversee, plan and implement projects and processes at IVY.  Often,  I am the conduit between our writers and designers, with printers, and other vendors to fulfill the marketing needs for our clients. I also manage media buys and coordinate production of advertisements.

Working for a flexible and fluid company that is constantly growing, changing and evolving is fun and rewarding. There is always something new to learn.